I wrote an article before about the things in life that made me happy. But I think that there is a lot more about happiness then what people normally think.

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For me personally I don't think I have had a moment where I have been perfectly happy or satisfied with my self or felt that way. And this is cause whenever I feel like I am very happy there is this looming fear of losing it. You know its like when you see a friend for the first time in a while and your happy to see them but at the same time sad cause you know they have to leave. And for me that feeling is constantly there.

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As well I believe that it is impossible for someone to truly be happy without being sad or angry or scared, because without that pain you don't actually know when you are happy. I mean its cheesy but it's like saying that without a storm you can't have a rainbow.

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And when you think about, you could possibly always be happy and sad and never be just one. This is because you are in constant fear of losing your happiness or sad because you have lost happiness.

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But what I truly want to say in this is that you may always feel sad, but you only feel this way because you are scared of losing your happiness. Or scared that you are going to become happy and then lose it. So just treasure your happiness, and your sadness because you need both.