Sup fellas,
I love Riverdale so I think I need to write article about it. ;)

Name: Raven Donivan
-> nickname: Ray, Doni, Bird

Age: 17 almost 18

Sibling: Elijah (R&E are twins)

Physical apperance:

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She has dark brown almost black hair thats always let down and straight, light blue and green eyes that'll you'll fall in love with just one look, she has a nicely toned body and skinny with a sixpack, she lastly wears a nude coloured lipstick.


aesthetic, shoes, and vans image Image by 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙚 nirvana, kiss, and rock image fashion, outfit, and black image fashion, style, and outfit image girl, hair, and jeans image
She is a rocker she shows it with her favo band shirts, she wears always black and you're never going to see her without vans.

Never without:

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She and her twin Elijah are inseparable since the dead of their parents, where Raven is is here motorcycle and here serpents jacket


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she's coldhearted, sarcastic, and would do anything for her friends and fam


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Jughead is kinda like a brother for her they grew up together and they share the same kind of love for food. the Serpents are here home. And she is really good friends with Betty and Veronica. Just Cherlyn doesn't like her very much because she thinks Raven likes Toni (what's not true there like sisters)


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Raven and Archie would be a couple, when they first met he was still together with Veronica but she saw the connection that they had and broke up with Archie. They are still all friends tough. But she choose Archiekins because he is kind and goofy and after the death of her parents her heart became coldhearted but little mister Archiekins melted her ice cold heart


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she loves dogs, is obsessed with music and junkfood. she likes to party but also loves it to just stay in bed with Archie. She loves to take pictures of Archies goofy faces and of the people she loves.