When I first saw that it is now possible to write articles on this amazing platform I was VERY excited and wholeheartedly anxious to write my first article!
Couldn't figure out what it should be about though.

But I think I'm gonna make it short, not gonna use any grandiloquent words( well this is one though) or flowery speech. I just wanna say what's on my mind hopefully inspiring any of you or just giving some insight. Sharing is caring.
I've been dealing with many anxious thoughts and generally a lot of uncertainty and .. well overall distress if I may call it this way.
I think everyone of us is or has been dealing secretly , without the others knowing or even themselves knowing, with some sort of issue.
ALL of us.
We are roughly the same on some level. Despite having an unique perspective on this reality(which is basically us) , there are general rules that apply to everyone.
We are a combination of all the

people we met
things we experienced
knowledge we gathered
feelings directed towards us.

There's a vibration , an emotion within us. There's a voice either screaming painfully and trying to get all the uncertainty, anger, frustration and sadness off its chest ,scaring us even more , either gracefully and peacefully guiding us through this nebulous extraordinary journey called life.

Which one is truly you?
I fall somewhere in between , now thankfully but I'm nowhere near the end of healing completely.
Maybe I'll never heal entirely.
But at least I know I've made even the infinitesimally small progress.
And right now if there is one thing I want you to get out of this mess, is that it's completely normal to get lost. Most of us are lost, scared , depressed , dealing with so many messed up things unknowingly and unwillingly .
But you have to save yourself.
Don't wait for anybody else to save you.
You clean your own mess, and eventually the entire world will be a cleaner place.
I started and from now on if there's anyone interested in the things I experienced or wants to learn more about my experience with anxiety or talk , simply talk and name the shit going on in their lives, I am more than willing to hear(well read), just message me.
Stay strong .