So I decided to make a "If I was famous tag", after making "What I would wear if I was famous tag". If you wanna read that too, here is a link:

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What would be my name and age?

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My name would be Anastasia Payne. I would be 20 years old, born on june 10th 1998.

What would I be famous for?

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I would among other be famous for being Liam Payne's littlesister. But I would also be famous for being a singer (not as big as Liam though, but still big :)) and also an actor.

Who would be my boyfriend?

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Harry Styles. We met each other through Liam in 2010 when they came together with the other boys as a group in X-Factor. But Harry and I have been together for two years now.

What would be my story?

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I grew up with my siblings and parents in England. In 2010 (when I was 13 years old) my older brother, Liam got into a band called One Direction. Right now they are on a break and are working as soloartists. When I was 16 years old I got my first head roll in a movie. Since then I've been in four movies (as the head roll). When I was 17 I made a YouTube account and started to sing. Since then I've been on 3 tours (one in Europe, one in USA and one worldtour). 2 years ago I got into a relationship with Harry Styles and we have been together ever since.

Where would I live?

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I grew up in England but I've lived in Hollywood for one year with Harry.

What would I love?

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My puppys, my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my fans, music, movies, Netflix, to perform on stage, making music, making movies, sunsets, sun, summer, nice weather, clothes, to travel and a lot more things :)

What would I look like?

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I would have shoulder short brown hair and brown eyes. I'm skinny and short and haves some small tattoos on my body. I would always wear a little natural makeup.

What would be my style?

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70's and 90's style.

Would I have a pet?

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YES I would have two cute puppys (french bulldogs) that I love really much.

Who would be my friends?

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My childhood friends and my brothers friends :)

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