at the museum

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y/n: what about we make our art project inspired by Van Gogh, you seem to like him

Tae: yeah, I love that

Tae: let's do the second thing on our list

y/n: *thinking: what did I write again?

he dragged you out the room again
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you drank coffee from the same cup, like in the movies
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y/n: you really are a playboy aren't you?

Tae: haha … is your heart fluttering already?


Taehyung picked his Phone up and it was his dad, a rich and powerful man

Dad: son, we need you to be home tomorrow evening for a special event

Tae: sure … (he wasn't exactly thrilled, because his dad's events usually mean boring business meatings)

Dad: good

with that he hung the Phone up
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Tae: hmmm …

y/n: you okay?

Tae: yeah It's just my father, you never know with him

y/n: *acting cute to cheer him up:

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Tae: *dies: hey! are you a pro at dating or something? S T O B I T

the next day was your work day, so you didn't get to see Taehyung

Tae's POV

he is getting ready to go to his father's house

to be continued ….