Here are a few songs that I think have the perfect summer vibes. I'm gonna add more if I encounter more. Hope you enjoy :)

This song is my summer anthem for 2018

Over and Over - Lovetap!

It's definitely something I can see myself jamming to at a pool party when the sun is setting. Take a few drinks, make out with a boy, go wild. And than watch the sunrise, and I realize how long I've been there. It's just something I'd want to do over and over :)

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Finally Summer! You're Free!

Mama - Jonas Blue

This song kicks off summer so well. The lyrics are meant for freedom, for opportunities, and the stress free summer life. It's a jam perfect for the car, a party, the beach, or just dancing in your kitchen.

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Sunglasses Made Song

Somebody - The Chainsmokers

I don't know why but Chainsmokers always have the best summer vibe songs. I can just imagine feeling power behind this song. Put on a good pair of shades, strut around downtown, and you feel like you could take on this summer.

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Along The Coast Vibe

El Mismo Sol - Alvaro Soler

Can't you feel it? Windows down, hot summer day, the sea salt wind in your hair. Driving next to the coast of the ocean, and the view is perfect. You're wanting, no, aching to go to the beach. You're so close.

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Time for Some Hula Dancing

He Mele No Lilo - Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack

The description is basically in the title. A summer classic that is definitely underrated. This song was meant for a peaceful ocean swim and hula dancing hands down.

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That One Never Ending Road Song

Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers

You know when you're on a roadtrip and you go to this boring extremely long road that just stretches on and on, but you don't mind at all because you have good adventures ahead of you? Yeah that's what this song feels like.

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Summer Lovin

I Like Me Better - Lauv

Oh those sweet summer fling kisses. The sneaking out at night to look at the stars. You know these things aren't meant to last but you bask in it like you bask in the sun. It's warm, thrilling, and fun. You'll look back on this fling and never regret it.

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It's Ending but You Don't Want it to End

These Days - Rudimental

You'll look back on these days with a smile on your face. It's bittersweet to say goodbye, but it's time for a new chapter. Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, time for a new season. Summer of 2018 was good but the rest of your life will be better.

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Tis all for now lovelies :)