Eve Walkers

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Eve is a is a soft, confident and courageous girl with pastel pink hair and green blue eyes.


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She has a very different style. She love oversieced denim jackets, skirts, mom jeans, crop tops, docs, and chucks. Her style is a mix of grunge, kawaii and art hoe.


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She is always happy and always has a good word on her lips. She also has a positive attitude and tries to motivate everyone.


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Eve is a pureblood, but it does not matter to her.


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Eve is a proud Hufflepuff student.


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Her wand is made of mahoghany and has a core of unicorn hair. He is 11 inches long and is flexible.


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Her patronus is hummingbird.


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Her pet is a Tawny Owl with the name Athene.


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Eve really loves to travel, to experience adventure, spending time with friends, to read and to paint.

Favourite Class:

harry potter, hogwarts, and transfiguration image book, magic, and witch image dark and harry potter image astronomy image harry potter, creatures, and hogwarts image
Her favourite subjects are transfiguration, history of macic, defense against the dark arts, Astrology and care for magical creatures


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Her best friends are Luna, Neville, Draco and the twins.


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She is in a relationship with draco since the third grade.


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