hi again guys hope you all are doing well ♡
so today i'm gonna write about gifts,little gifts to give to your loved ones.of course love and care is the best thing to give to everyone but this is a gesture to show your care and love.
so here we go,hope you like these ideas and thank you so much for your love ♡ stay safe ♡

1. write a letter

aesthetic, beige, and flowers image flowers, letters, and vintage image vintage, letters, and Letter image Letter, vintage, and art image
okay this can be a really nice gift ,you can express your appreciation to your loved ones,family or friends and also if this person love old school stuff this idea is just perfect and also a little flower inside would make it even better ♡

2. a nice book

book, coffee, and cozy image book and flowers image book, piano, and music image book, harry potter, and autumn image

okay so books are just amazing and they would be great gifts to people who love reading,so this is a nice idea to show them you care ♡

3. cute jewelry

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so jewelry can be a really nice gift because it is something that you can take everywhere with you and also it's just so cute and it can mean a lot,so something like a cute necklace or bracelet or anything else would be amazing if that person loves jewelry ♡

4. cassettes or CDs

music, vintage, and photography image music, vintage, and hipster image cd, glasses, and music image Image by ♡ Bad Girl ♡
this would be an amazing gift to give to someone who loves music and is the kind that loves old school stuff and feel like they were born in the wrong time period (like me 😊😜) a nostalgic soul ♡

5.a picture

photo, polaroid, and photography image vintage, photography, and photo image
this can contain a note behind where you can write the date when the picture was taken,and it would bring back nice memories while holding the time frozen ♡

okay so this is all for now guys,hopefully it was helpful and thank you again for the love in my last article if you want to read it i'll leave a link below
hope you enjoyed reading this one ♡ bye for now stay safe and stay weird ♡

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