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Today I will do the "Grey's anatomy" tag. Grey's is my all time favourite tv show, so of course I had to do this.

This tag is inspired by this one by @Peachyyy_Pisces and I really recommend that you check it out. I made a few changes from the original, but I "stole" the idea from theirs.

Let's gooo!!


Favourite female characters.
(In no particular order.)

1. Teddy Altman.
She is amazing! I'm so happy that she's returning. She's such a happy, positive and loving character that deserves so much better! Everybody is sleeping on my girl Teddy.

2. Cristina Yang.
Sassy, original, beautiful, funny and last but not least, BRILLIANT. She is such a role model and I'm so sad that she's gone. Yang really was a well rounded character and she never failed to make me smile.

3. Miranda Bailey.
One of my faves since day one. Bailey is soooo underrated, it is a crime!! She's a true boss lady and a HUGE inspiration! She's funny yet serious and she basically got the whole package.

4. Meredith Grey.
How could Mer not be on my list? The main character and one of my main girls! I feel like the show isn't about her as much as it used to be? Anyway she will always be amazing I my opinion.

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Honourable mentions: April Kepner, Arizona Robbins, Amelia Shepherd and Addison Montgomery.

Favourite male characters.
(In no particular order.)

1. Mark Sloan.
My fave man whore and dork ever! He had such a wonderful character development, and he is in my opinion one of the best male characters from any show I've ever seen! He should not have died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Derek Shepherd.
He was marvelous! To kill McSteamy is one thing, but to kill McDreamy is honestly the worst decision the writers have ever made. He and Meredith was perfect together and he was an amazing and loving husband and dad!

3. Jackson Avery.
Avery is the absolute best Mercy West doctor of them all and you can't change my mind. He's so unproblematic, loving and responsible. Avery never disappoints me and he deserves the world!

4. Alex Karev.
My homeboy Karev had to be on this list. Can we talk about character development? He's always there for literally everyone, and as a surgeon he's terrific too. How good he is with his patients make him even more perfect.

smile, grey's anatomy, and mark sloan image grey's anatomy, mcdreamy, and derek shepherd image jesse williams, grey's anatomy, and Hot image grey's anatomy, Hot, and justin chambers image
Honourable mentions: George O'Malley, Andrew Deluca, Henry Burton and Owen Hunt.

Favourite OTPs.
(In no particular order.)

1. Tenry.
They were perfect!!! Their story was soooo cute and they deserved so much better!! When Henry died I was devastated. The way he died and Teddy's reaction was so painful and sad. I loved them together and they were everything!!

2. Maddison.
I know that this is an very unpopular opinion but their chemistry was undeniable!! I know that they hurt each other and Derek a lot but something about them was so cute! We definitely deserved more scenes with them.

3. MerDer.
How can you not love them? Their post-it wedding, relationship and literally everything they ever did together was to die for. I will never stop being mad about Derek's dead! MerDer and their kids deserved the world and this is what they got.... ;( I'm still waiting for him to come back and apologize for being away so long.

4. Japril.
Omg, where do I start about them? They been through so much crap together and now April is just gone!? They're everything and they should definitely have been endgame! When Avery interrupted her and Matthew's wedding my heart bursted with joy!!

grey's anatomy, love, and couple image mark, montgomery, and grey's anatomy image derek, grey, and kiss image grey's anatomy, japril, and couple image
Honourable mentions: Calzona, Jolex, Omelia and Benley.

least favourite OTPs.
(In no particular order.)

1. Izzex.
I don't know, I just thought that they were very problematic. And also I don't like Izzie... but Alex was really nice and tried so hard.

2. Slexie.
Please don't kill me. Their only cute scene was when Lexie died. Other than that they were so awkward and cringe... I'm sorry, this is an really unpopular opinion too.

3. Gizzie.
They were nice as friends but as a couple it seemed really forced and uncomfortable, the chemistry was never really there.

4. EriCal.
I hated Hanh and I'm not the biggest Callie fan. (I don't have anything against her). As with Gizzie it was to forced and awkward.

alex, izzie, and wedding image grey's anatomy, mark sloan, and lexie grey image grey's anatomy, george o'malley, and izzie stevens image grey's anatomy image
Honourable mentions: Addek, Addex, Burkina and O'Callie.

Favourite BROTPs.
(In no particular order.)

1. McBrothers.
They're amazing. Without a doubt my favourite bromance ever! Sure they had a few fights and arguments, but in the end they were each others best friends. You could really tell that Patrick and Eric enjoyed their scenes together, and it's such a shame that they didn't have more than they did.

2. The Plastics Posse.
Or The Hot Squad as me and my friend calls them ;). I just love how they went from mentor and apprentice to two buddies. They were so fun and dynamic. Their Posse is unforgettable and they should really have had way more scenes together!!!

3. The twisted sisters.
They're both my faves and they were so funny. They are still each others persons even though they have been separated. No one will ever beat what they had. I adore them and I can only dream that Sandra Oh will be doing a cameo at some point.

4. Kepzona.
If you are a dedicated Grey's fan like me, I'm pretty sure you know their scene. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's the one where they sit in the supply closet while they're drunk. This scene pretty much sums up their friendship!! I am obsessed with them and I will miss them both A LOT.

grey's anatomy, mark sloan, and patrick dempsey image grey's anatomy, mark sloan, and eric dane image grey's anatomy, cristina yang, and meredith grey image grey's anatomy, arizona robbins, and sarah drew image
Honourable mentions: Mallie, The Sister Lady Chiefs, Mark and Arizona (do they have a name??) and The Dirty Mistresses.

A couple that should have endgame.


I've chosen to only put these two gorgeous, perfect and amazing people on this one. Just look at them please!!

grey's anatomy image ellen pompeo, merder, and meredith grey image meredith grey, grey's anatomy, and derek shepherd image grey's anatomy, derek, and meredith grey image
They deserved everything and more.

The deaths I cried the most at.
(In no particular order.)

1. Derek Shepherd.
ThEy ShOuLd HaVe LiSteNeD tO pEnNy!!!!!!! It was a beautiful night to save lives but no one saved his!?! :'(.

2. George O'malley.
Bambi, 007, heart in the elevator guy, Georgie, my sweetest homeboy. He deserves all the tears that I cried.

3. Mark Sloan.
That gorgeous man's death was like a knife in my heart. I couldn't stop crying and I'm still not over it.

4. Henry Burton.
I cried so much that I called my mom who was at a party, so I guess it made me really sad...

grey's anatomy, ellen pompeo, and patrick dempsey image grey's anatomy, george, and george o'malley image grey's anatomy, mark sloan, and callie torres image grey's anatomy, henry burton, and dr.teddy altman image
Honourable mentions: Bonnie Crasnoff, Stan Giamatti, Dylan Young/The Bomb Guy and Ellis Grey.

A character that everyone loves, but I hate/A overrated character.

Lexie Grey.
I never liked Lexie. I think she was obnoxious and annoying. Her relationships with literally everyone was either awkward or got ruined. I never really "hated" her but I strongly dislike her. I love Chyler Leigh though.

grey's anatomy, grey, and lexie grey image

A character that everyone hates, but I love/A underrated character.

Maggie Pierce.
Meredith had no right to be so mad at her in the beginning and people need to stop saying that Jaggie is incest. I really don't get why people do not like her. She's so kind and loving.

greys anatomy and maggie pierce image

This was a really long one, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to read some of my other articles there's a link at the bottom.

With love, Julie.