hello wonderful hearters!
its been so long since ive written. life changes so fast, dont you agree? luckily, my love for weheartit doesnt change. today i wanted to write down some of the things i remind myself of when things are a bit hard, when im sad, or just feeling a bit tired of everything. i hope some of you find comfort in these sentences.

🌲 there is a new day tomorrow. you may have had an horrible day, but there is a new day tomorrow, and who knows what can happen? there are so many joyful things that can happen, so many reasons to smile.

🌲 remember that life gives you wonderful moments. for me, i feel really relaxed when i walk in the forest, because i just stop and listen to the birds and the wind. this is one of my favorite things in life. just listening to the silence. and i feel better. just remember that these little things gives you a little break. watching a movie, cuddling with your pet, sleeping etc.

🌲 dont always trust your thoughts. sometimes something bad happens, or sometimes you just feel bad for no reason. remember that these moments will pass. you might have negative thoughts and thinking that everything is horrible. when i feel this way, i often eat something. maybe my bloodsugar is low, and thats often why we feel bad too. but no matter what it is, it will pass! it always does.

🌲 watch movies or read books often. its healthy to get away from reality sometimes. we´re often so caught up in ourselves and what´s going on in our life that we stress way to much. i think its a great way to release stress by reading a book or watching a movie. just forget the reality for a while.

🌲 dont do something you dont like. of course this is a bit obvious, but sooo many dont listen do this. i didnt. i got myself a job that i found out was horrible and draining, but i had to keep it because of the money. but eventually i quit, and ive become so much happier. whatever it is, a job, some friends, a boyfriend or whatever, i promise you that life becomes much easier when you just have the good things in life. not everyone can afford to think like this, i get that, but its something for everyone to keep in mind.

these are my little tips or advice or whatever you like to call them. they are a bit obvious of course, but i feel like its important to remind you all of this. i hope you´re all feeling good, feel free to send me a message if you want to share your thoughts. ✨