today's topic: tattoos i want

Lets start

tatto and nÚmero romano image twenty, tatuaje, and tatuaje pequeño image
IX.I.MMX - This is the date I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. I would get it on my side boob
rose and scorpio image Abusive image
Make Love and War without the writing - on my right hip
tattoo, bee, and art image ariana grande, tattoo, and bee image
Bee - Behind ear. The meaning behind it- don't be afraid of the small stuff
Image by katya tattoo image
Just a single blueberry - On my right shoulder. The meaning behind it is in honor of a camp that i went to that saved my life
tattoo image tattoo image
Semi-Colon - pointer finger. I hope everyone knows the meaning behind this one
ankle, delicate, and lavanda image flower, girls, and tattoo image
Lavender flower tattoo - On the inside of the left foot. In honor of my mom
brown, Letter, and cursive image tattoo and quotes image
I love you (In my dads handwriting) - Left hip. In honor of my dad
And thats all folks! Thanks for stopping by! - XOXO Nat