So I am writing an article after a long time and in this article I am gonna talk about SCHOOL LIFE.
So school life....its a really hard life. We all survive our school and well i think its difficult to do that.
We go through many different kinds of people and we get to know about different personalities and most importantly, how to manage them.

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So here is a list of different SCHOOL GROUPS that we come across in our school.
SO lets get started....


So this is a group who's every member , new or old is the toast of all the school . You will mostly hear about their instagram stories , posts and well... their relationships. They are like The Kardashians of the school. They usually date the popular girls and the cheerleaders which adds to their popularity.


So this is also a popular group. It has all the guys who are in different sports and are popular. They also date popular girls and hence this adds to their popularity. They are mostly the captains of the team or really good players by which they become popular.

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So this group mostly comprises of girls or well....the plastics. This group is a lot similar like the cool group cuz these girls are popular in the school. The girls mostly date the boys from the cool group or the sports group and hence become more popular. They are mostly the cheerleaders.

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So this is the group that holds the artists. It usually has the painters , artists , poets , and writers. Sometimes photographers are also a part of this group. This group is my personal favourite...cuz every person has a totally different personality and it is fun to meet new personalities and get to know them...


So this group has the book lovers...I usually see the members reading books and discussing about them in the break and at the time of the dispersal.

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Now this group is a little different from the novel group bcuz this group has the studious people. I dont know much about this group cuz the members are usually shy or really rude so....


Well these groups are usually seen around the school. These have small number of members and these are the group usually have those friends who have been together for a long time.The members are little popular but know all about the school.

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