//Update// So I uploaded this on June 13. Now on July 13 I know that two my favorites France and Croatia are at final. I'm so emotional. Thanks to everyone for likes. Hope you're enjoying final.

1. France

football, equipe de france, and griezmann image france, france nt, and paul pogba image 1, football, and laurent koscielny image france, football, and france nt image

2. Brazil

brasil, brazil, and football image brasil, football, and player image brasil, brazil, and football image neymar, brazil, and brasil image

3. Spain

football, madrid, and spain image 15, goal, and spanish image football, footballers, and sergioramos image real madrid, marco asensio, and football image

4. Germany

football, germany, and national team image baby, manuel neuer, and handsome image deutschland, nationalmannschaft, and gotze image alemania, football, and germany image

5. Croatia

10, modric, and budi ponosan image Croatia and world cup image Croatia, goal, and win image Croatia, football, and love image