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Amelia Nightly - Mia for short

  • Amelia - hardworking
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  • She is 21
  • Her birthday is August 25


Casual yet cute. She tries to add a vintage flare here and there. Favorite article of clothing is a large oversized sweatshirt or sweater

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  • Slim, short, and slightly tan
  • Pouty lips with the occasional red lipstick
  • Short black hair
  • Brown eyes
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Carefree and caring she is always there to be a good friend, and her loyalty is unbelievably strong. She can be serious and unbreakable like steel sometimes, and she knows how to bite back.


  • Going places and experiencing new things.
  • Animals (especially cats)
  • Delicious food
  • Cozy things - warm fireplaces, hoodies, blankets, and hugs
  • Old things - Antiques, record player, old books, abandoned places, and thrift shopping

I could list so many of her likes but I'll keep it short

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  • Those who put others down
  • Immature people
  • Fighting
  • Being inconsiderate
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Music Interests

Like her style and her likes she likes the oldie stuff: Motown, Classic Rock, Doowop, Funk

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Lives in North Carolina and has moved out of her parents house in a studio in town. Her household companion is her black cat King

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She has two older brothers and one baby sister. Her parents are still together, and she loves everyone greatly. Her extended family is HUGE on both sides. When there are family reunions, well let's just say they get kind of crazy.

Significant Other

Austin Moore

  • Been together for a 2 year
  • Met in college their sophomore year but didn't start dating junior year
  • Austin plans to propose to her some day
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