Last month my Twiter has been locked. One day I decided to change the year I was born to my actual year. Later, I tried to go to Twitter but it showed that I am under 13 years old and I need a parent that provides consent on my behalf. I am over 13 and even uploading my ID Twitter is not verifying it. And it has a big privacy issue I think. Yes, I even asked my mom if she could give me her ID so I can verify that I am not under 13 (which was very weird because I'm an adult). After so many tries I still can't get my almost 40k followers Twitter account. I can't contact Twitter. Why? Here's why: " Thanks for getting in touch. Our Direct Message support is temporarily unavailable. Please submit all requests to us through while we work on improving this experience." TWITTER IS BROKEN. It keeps deleting people's acounts. So many memories have been lost just because of new Twitter bots. And the funniest thing is that if I create a new Twitter account, I need to verify my phone number, the same number that is linked with my locked account. So what are you offering? To change my phone number just because Twitter is broken and determined my account by mistake?The damage has been done and still no one is doing anything. Twitter, please get your shit together and fix this issue because we can't take it anymore.