In this article I'll describe how I see myself as a fictional character.

my name would be Bella, meaning beauty or graceful.


hair, blonde, and hairstyle image fashion image
long wavy and natural blonde hair
eyes, eye, and blue image girl, beauty, and eyes image
ocean blue eyes
Image by sündos Image by t h é l è m e
slim, fit and average height
tattoo, waves, and summer image fashion, girl, and indie image
wave tattoo and pierced ears.


girl, smile, and beauty image girl, model, and beauty image Image by sündos girl, smile, and beauty image
intelligent, listener, independent, brave, stubborn, loyal, honest.


fashion image Image by ♡ ναℓєитιиα fashion and necklace image fashion style glamour, outfits inspiration, and luxury tumblr image
jeans and a white t-shirt

where she lives:

bedroom, home, and white image bathroom, interior, and home image girl image places and travel image
in a small apartment near the beach.

what she likes:

girl, beach, and summer image summer, beach, and fashion image music, aesthetic, and indie image art and girl image dog, girl, and animal image girl, starbucks, and food image
Bella likes books, music, art. She's a coffee addict. Takes long walk with her dog. Would spend all day surfing : )

what she likes to eat:

food, pizza, and delicious image ice cream, food, and delicious image laduree, food, and cake image blue, food, and foodie image
pizza ( Italian food ), gelato, pastries, huge fruit bowls.

quotes she lives by:

fear, great, and life image love, bodypositive, and inspire image pink and quote image quotes, text, and create image

I hope you enjoyed my article!

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