Lady Black is a strange young lady that loves darkness and the taste of blood. She is over 300 years old but some might confuse her for an eighteen year old girl. She has no fear to walk outside in the day light, thanks to her magical moonstone that she wears around her neck. She wears her long, natural, silver hair loose most of the time and loves to wear dark make up. Her most precious treasure is a black cat that goes by the name Luna.
She hunted many people in the past, but now she chooses to live with the blood that comes from blood sacks, which are delivered to her by some of her ‘’special’’ friends.

Rose killed all of her family members when she just became a vampire, she could not control her thirst of blood and ended up killing them. She is cold and heartless ever since and will never shed a tear for anything or anyone. She now lives in the city with her cat in a pretty dark apartment, adorned with many old Gothic furniture that she inherited from her dead rich husbands.

More to know about Rose:
Birth Name: Roese Black.
Alias: Rosie, Rosa.
Gender: Female.
Species: Vampire.
Age: 300.
Zodiac: Virgo.
Status: Alive.
Occupation: Writer. Previous Model and a burlesque dancer.
Favourite Song: Cold Blood by Valen .
Favourite Colour: White, Black and Red.