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I am sadly enrolled in the spring term so my summer isn't going to be "summer".

I've decided to write this article because I've been binge reading Summer Bucket lists and I thought it was a good idea to write one too. I really want to achieve all of them or at least most of them until the Fall solstice.


Finally being on the Dean's list

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Get my driver's license

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I have my driver's permit in June of last year but since I live in another town than my parents for school, I didn't have a lot of practice. Paying for a private instructor is exhausting tbh.

Collab video with Ottawa or Canadian Youtubers

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Buy a PS4

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I finally want my own console so I can get back into gaming

Purchase a MacBook Air

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I've been using Windows computer because it's cheaper but I want a MacBook. At home, my parents have an iMac and I've been using it mostly for iMovie.

Develop a strong friendship with a bilingual or francophone

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I love speaking French. It's my mother tongue. I live in a place where there's so much English and I don't want to lose my favorite language.

Make wiser spending decisions

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I spend too much money on junk food and accessories that I lose in less than 1 month.

Finish my portfolio and start coding my website

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I need to finish my portfolio so I can get hired as an interactive media designer. I didn' like the way they taught computer programming in my program because now I hate it. I've always wanted to code a website but I didn't have an idea. So in the summer, I want to slowly design this.

Get a cool and fun job

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Glo up mentally and physically

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Move into a cute apartment w/ or w/o a friend or move back home

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I mean unless winning the lotto, my apartment will not look as luxurious as this but I'm willing to find a good job to at least have an apartment.

After graduation, go volunteer abroad or fly to the UK

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I just want to run away from the work cycle for a while and find myself and build connections with others abroad.

Go on a hike

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(Despite the fact that I don't like walking) I don't care about the pictures, I just want to get my mind off things and scream where no one can hear me.

Getting back into my hobbies

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Reading, learning how to draw, getting back into making video and pictures edits, and working out

Go to an amusement park

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Use my skateboard again

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Yes, skateboarding is still a thing and cool.

Be more active on We heart it

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Merci beaucoup! That's all the goal that I want to achieve this summer and before September 21st. I hope this was interesting enough hehe.

Don't forget:

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Be nice
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Stay weird, stay different
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Keep on vibin'

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See you soon mes internautes!