Sooooo, the second part of @alashqarhaneen's request was this article on learning styles. As I said, I've got plenty of free time these days so here I am.

Auditory learning.


  • You remember, with detail, things you have heard in conversations or at class.
  • You have vocabulary and you can understand words in other languages quickly.
  • You know speaking well and letting your ideas be understood.
  • You may have musical talents like catching the rythms quickly.

Useful things.

  • Repeat the things you need to learn. Speak out loud.
  • Record what you say and listen to it.
  • Listen to other people explaining the material. If you have the possibility (in some cases it's possible) record your lectures, classes or whatever. In my high school, for exmple, is not possible to do that.
  • Move while you study (speaking, of course). Like that, you'll use both sides of the brain and you'll remember much better.
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Visual learning.


  • You remember what you have seen much better than what you've heard.
  • You visualize things or create vivid images while you study. It might be looking to the void as you were seeing the information there.
  • You can read people by their corporal language.
  • You are usually aware of your surroundings.
  • You may have special abilities like knowing the size of something by looking at it.

Useful things.

  • Color coding your material, subjects or whatever.
  • Write everything down until you remember everything, section by section.
  • Put post-its in places that you cross a lot.
  • Write and rewrite your notes. It can be useful to have two notebooks: one of them to take notes in class and the other one to rewrite it once at home.
  • Underline the main points.
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Kinesthetic learning.


  • You learn best when your hands are doing something. Maybe moving something, maybe touching something.
  • You use your hands while you are talking, you gesticulate a lot.
  • You can remember what happened, but not what you heard or saw.
  • You may have ability with manipulating objects. For example cooking or creating things.
  • You may be an adventurer person and you find it hard to concentrate in a single thing for much time.
  • You like to be in places where you can move. You don't like to be in class, because you can't of find it hard to concentrate being sat.
  • Be creative. For example, pretend to be the objects you mention.
  • Memorise abstract things.
  • Maybe tips for visual and auditory learners can help you too.
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Reading learning.

This one is pretty similar to the visual learner. Many people (me included) pair them together, but for this article I have separated them.


  • You remember what you have read.

Useful things.

  • Read once and again.
  • Repeat it out loud and then write it. You can also tell all the information to someone (e.g. your family)
  • Do yourself tests. For example, you can use flashcards and write on one side the questions and on the other one the answers.
  • Continue reading until you learn it.
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First of all, I have to tell you. Not many people are just learners of one type. Most people are mixtures.

What I do.

So these are my tips. I find them useful, because at least for me they are.

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I listen to the teacher when I am in class.
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If I can, I speak while studying. I write speaking, I speak before and after writing.
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I move while studying. This is something I do unintentionally, because I gesticulate a lot while I speak so, when I study speaking, I move. I don't really know if that helps me. What I know is that I always move.
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I color code my subjects. Also, if I make flashcards, I also color code them.
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I rewrite my notes once I get home.
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I underline the main points, but I don't find it pleasing so I'm finding a way to take notes that makes me see it better. I think I'll directly write the words in another color.
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I read everything before I start. Maybe once, maybe twice or three times. I always read it.
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Sometimes and if I can, I tell the information to my mother. She usually is happy to hear me because she says it reminds her of when I was at primary school. Idk.
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I test myself, and not only with flashcards. I write questions or the title of a section and try to write it.

I really hope this article has helped you! ❤