hiii you!

tbh I currently find my style quite boring and casual, which of course isn't bad at all if that's what you like but I really want to try to expand my own personal style and here are some of the items that I'd like to add to my closet!

First of all I'd love to add more bralettes to my closet, I own one and it's so comfortable omg.

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I find they look good with a see through shirt or just a cozy sweater

I'm in desperate need of summer clothing for when I'm heading to Spain, so like mini dresses and shorts would be perfect!

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Jeeeaaans are one of my favorite types of bottoms but most of mine are black so I am currently looking for some blue ones, especially ripped or mom jeans

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I love pairing my blue jeans with either black, white or gray tops :)

I've never owned or tried out a off the shoulder top so that's a part of my list as well!

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I think these tops would look great with high-waisted bottoms, if that's a pair of pants or a skirt

I've always intended to buy a blue denim jacket but never actually followed through, I currently own a black one but it's so black if that makes sense haha!

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I own way too many t-shirts compared to how cold it is where I live, so more sweatshirts are a essentiel for the winter!

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Shoooees, personally I prefer sneakers so that's mostly what I look for. The chances of seeing me in heels are quite small unless it's some big event :)

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I own way too many striped shirts as well but I just wanted to point out and tell you that they're amazing!

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I own a pair of those wide legged trousers / culottes and omg they're so comfortable, it's like wearing pyjamas but still looking good, not that pyjamas aren't pretty ;)

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Well I think that's all for today, I might make more of these articles, they're quite fun to make so remember to follow me so you won't miss out, hehe a small self-promo ;)

I hope you have an amazing day! <3

Here is my collection where I save all my favorite outfit ideas, hence the title haha

— Selma <3