So there are articles on here now? Crazy and strange, but I can work with it. I've been on Weheartit for years. I've been on somewhat of a hiatus, but now that I'm on a few things are for sure different. However, here is my ABC tag :)


Age - 18

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Best Feature - Eyes or Smile (That's actually me :))

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Color - I'm really into power colors. Favorite color is Dark Purple. Something that represents royalty. My signature color (yes there is a difference) is Dark Red. Almost a burgundy but not quite.

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Deepest Regret - Not trying or not trying hard enough

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Every day starts with - Wishing I could sleep more

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Favorite Show - The 100

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Goal in life - To be happy for who I am, and where I am at in my life

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Height - 5'0 - yeah I get it I'm freaking short

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In Love with - Stories. Words. Passions

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Job of my dreams - Rheumatologist or Writer (possibly both?)

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Kids I want - 2 either adopted or my own. Preferably one boy and girl, but it doesn't matter because I'll love them no matter what gender.

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Magic Power - Telekinesis

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Number of Siblings - 2 younger. I am the oldest

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One favorite song - Imagine by John Lennon


Person Last Texted - My boyfriend Alex. :)

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Question I'm asked a lot - How old are you? Yeah I get it I look 12. I look young. -_-

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Reasons to smile - Family, friends, sunrises, sunsets, cats, dogs, animals, laughter, books, movies, dancing, romance, music, and food. The list goes on and on.

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Sexuality - Straight as a ruler but no disrespect for my LGBT+ community. To anyone who needs a friend, I am an ally :)

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Time I wake up - Honestly I ask myself that too. I have no set sleep schedule.

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Underwear color - White and Blue

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Vacation destination - Everywhere and Anywhere

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Worst Habit - overreacting or over stressing

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X-rays - Knee, hip, and heart

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Your Favorite Drink - Hot Chocolate and Lemonade

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Zodiac Sign - Virgo

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