So for all of you that are wondering what is WEBTOON?
WEBTOON is an app and its a global digital free comics service platform. In other words its an app where u can read AMAZING comics. You can downloar app on your phone or smth. So here is my top 10 webtoons!

10-Refund High School
Plot 19 years old Aru is a lonely high school girl that never had a boyfriend and she is fearing that she will die alone. One day and accident accures and she dies, but then she gets a choice to go to Refund High School where she can refund her life and go to school with other ghosts, monsters and humans and maybe find her love?
Ep Curenlty 19 its a new webtoon

9-Orange Marmalade
Plot Humans are no longer afraid of vampires but that doesn't stop humans from discriminating agains them. A high school vampire girl Mari Baek falls in love with a popular boy Jaemin who HATES vampires. Can she hide who she really is?
Ep 120(completed)

Plot In this fantasy world there are 2 clans who always fight with each other and had a conflict.Both clans are ruled by dragons and only royal family members can transform into dragons. What happens when a crimson princess Clove is forced to marry a prince Kyro from another clan.
Ep 20 (new webtoon)

7-Age Matters
Plot A 29 yro Rose Choi is hopeless romantic without a decent job. She envys young people that are succesful then she gets an offer for a job and meets a 23 yro billionare with a secret. In love, does age really matter?
Ep 9 ( a very recent webtoon but its so good already omg)

(Note/this webtoon is one of most popular webtoons ever)
Plot A highschool girl named Ran lost her parents in car accident when she was little, so she was verry lonely as a child.One day she find an odd and huge egg in her room and a handsome guy comes out of an egg calling her mom. What is the secret behind this guy and egg and is there more about this? and did her parents really got killed by car accident or is there more?

Ep 3 seasons 95 eps

5-Lore Olympus
Plot this story is set in a modern reteling of The Taking of Persephone. A modern day greek gods and goddeses. What happend when Hades, god of the underworld falls in love with beautiful and pure Persephone?
Ep 18(new webtoon)

4-All Haven Academy
Plot All Ava does is eat and watch yt videos. But what happens when she makes a bet with her mom that she can graduate in top 100 studenrs in the most prestigious school? But underneath the perfect surface school is far from normal, and there are not so many humans. Will Ava make it and is there more secrets and storys to tell?

3-April Flowers
Plot In a world where ghosts and demons are free there are excorcist to stop them. A girl named April is addmited into Elden Academy the top school for exorcism, but what when she sees that her roomate is a little bit different than her, that she is a hybrid? And how will appearance of a hybrid affect the whole world
Ep 10 (new webtoon but already so good lmao)

2- I Love You
(one of most popular again)
Plot Shin-ae is a girl that we can all relate to. The only thing that she likes is food and she doesn t care about her appearance.The only thing she is interested in is how to make money to help her dad, what happens when she meets 2 boys, brothers who are actually heirs and rcomes from extremly rich family. One is bright and wants tobe her friend, while other is cold and doesn t care. She meets them trought funny accident but who will be in her heart at the end?
Ep 56

1-My Dear Cold Blodded King
(ofc one of the most famous aswell xD)
Plot Kihara Mei is just a daughter of a merchant. She lived her life peacfully until she doesn t face with a challenge. When a Blood King, the king of her land takes interest in her. Will she fall for him or will he fall for her? She becames his "wife" and starts living in the palace. Is he really a Blood King or just a decoy? Who is the real Blood King and who is the man in the shadows, the most dangerous man,an enemy who perhaps has a past with Mei? (alot of ships,love triangles,mysteris, plot twists, and hot extremly HOT boys)

so here is few honorable mentions ;)
Super Secret
Let's Play
Assasin Roomate
Siren's Lament
Ecstasy Hearts

-Thank you for reading and i hope i helped <3~