hey guys x

so this is my first article, ive been meaning to post one for a while, but i never knew what to do it on. ive decided to do it on something that is really close to my heart, and think it should be a priority for most of us.

" of all the people in the world, you talk to yourself the most. Make sure youre saying the right things."

i think thats one of the most important things to remember; you make or break yourself. Everyone is different, and even if youre a little more 'different' than others, it deosnt make you less. Youve got to accept that differnce, theres nothing wrong with that.

no matter how many times you try to change yourself, someone will always find something negative about you, and yea its hard, but you have to acccept it, find your acceptance from within, so no matter who you are, where you come from, your race, sexuality, religion, you just gotta embrace you. some people will either love or dislike you for it, but what matters the most, is your acceptance of yourself. you are`enough x

i hope that helped a few of you, im here for whoever needs to talk x