Hey Guys! Hope you are all doing great!!

I decided to talk about "How To Survive College Life" because sometimes you have a different vision of how it is going to be but when you finally enter to that lifestyle you can get overwhelmed by all the things you have to remember or how to manage time, etc.

I'm now on my 3rd year of college, and in the beggining, I was all the time confuse and sometimes lost. Then, in my second year I start to search for advices and tips that help me to organize my life.

So, if you're in college or if you're starting college this year, this article is for you.

Try To Be Present

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With that I mean that high school is over. Is difficult facing a new chapter of your life and sometimes alone. The memories are always there and sometimes we think too much in the past and how happy we were on high school when we have no big responsabilities and etc.

But high school is over guys. In my first year at college, I was always remembering how good high school sometimes was. I missed my friends because I was all by myself in there.

That kind of thing those not allowed us to be more familiar with our new environment. So, the best option is trying to be more present. Try to get used to your new chapter on your life. Try to start meeting other people. Find the things that you like about this new chapter, and then keep doing that. That motivates you to keep going and it kind of makes it easier.

Organize Yourself

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Organization is the key to enjoying more this new chapter. Try to start with a calendar in where you can write the events that you have soon. Then, organize your studying space. That's going to help you to save time when you're in a hurry.


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Organize your clothes. Separate your college outfits from the other ones. So when you wake up you can quickly select an outfit based on how comfy you want to go. College isn't runway, girls. I can describe college as a home. In your home I imagine that some of you as me wear something comfy and relax. Well, college is like that. Your brain is the one that have to function 100% so you can be tired quickly. But if you wear something relax you help your brain to restart.

This is all for now! I'm going to write another part for this article because I think that this tips are essential to help you getting through that new chapter.

Until the next time!

Lots of hugs!

xoxo... T.