Hey Guys!!

Today I'm going to write about some really cool jobs. I've always been that type of person who don't know what they want to do with their lives, but thinks every job sounds exciting.

I've made a list of some of my absolute favourite dream jobs so let's gooo!!

1. Doctor

I think Grey's Anatomy started my interest in medicine but now I'm just obsessed. The thought about saving someones life is unreal and way too cool. Any sort of Doctor seems really great but my top three is:
1. Cardiothoracic surgeon.
2. Trauma surgeon.
3. Paramedic.

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2. Priestess

I am a protestant christian and to be honest I don't believe in every single thing the bible says, but that's what I like about protestantism. You don't have to agree and/or believe in it all. My priest told me that if you believe in the "basics" and behave like a good person God will be with you. Religion is hard to explain and measure but to me it's very important and I'm proud of my God and my religion.

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3. Astronaut

Hahaha! This job is like the ultimate dream, and to me a bit unrealistic. I love the stars and the space seems sooo fascinating.

moon and space image Image by ninakidl l Mature image moon, stars, and night image

4. Actress

This have been a dream since I was like 5 years old. I love performing and being "someone else". Unfortunately not very many make it in this business soo...

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5. Author

I like writing but I guess it's more like a hobby. My kindergarden teacher told my parents that I should become an author because my imagination is crazy. Hahaha.

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6. Chemist

I looooove chemistry and that's really my only thought about this.

aesthetic image chemistry, science, and silicate garden image aesthetic, blue, and chemistry image aesthetic, chemistry, and colorful image

7. Comedian

I don't know. I'm really funny. And humble too, hahaha. No but I could probably make it work??

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8. Pilot

I am a big fan of flying and planes. It would be so cool to control a plane and fly all around the world.

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And that was it. I hope you enjoyed reading about my dreams. ;). I you want to read some of my other articles there's a link at the bottom.

With love, Julie