Since I love Ariana so much, I'll be doing the Ariana Grande tag. This is inspired by @mintchocolategrande's article! Check hers here!

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Favorite album?

Dangerous Woman for sure! Her music has gotten better and better each album! That's why I'm beyond excited for Sweetener!

ariana grande, dangerous woman, and arianagrande image Image by Sofi Valencia

Favorite music video?

I always though Right There is so beautiful! HER DRESS and her house!!

gif, right there, and ariana grande image

But also, The Way and No Tears Left To Cry are my next favorites! Also, Popular Song, if that counts.

the way and ariana grande image ariana grande and no tears left to cry image

Favorite songs from Yours Truly?

Honeymoon Avenue, Right There, The Way, and Popular Song

ariana grande, ariana, and smile image ariana grande, icon, and ariana image ariana grande, ariana, and perfect image ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image

Favorite songs from My Everything?

Best Mistake, Why Try, Problem, and Be My Baby.

Image by aylathecrybaby Image by ignacia_aescalante icon, idol, and music video image be my baby, ariana grande, and arianagrande image

Favorite songs from Dangerous Woman?

Be Alright, Knew Better/Forever Boy, Jason's Song, Step On Up, Sometimes, Focus.
(But I literally love every song!)

ariana grande, ariana, and grande image ariana grande and focus image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image ariana grande, ariana, and ari image

Favorite Christmas song?

Definitely Winter Things! It's so different from her usual style, and I love it! The harmonies are the cutest! It's just ukulele in the background so her vocals really stand out.

I also love Santa Tell Me! I mean, who doesn't?

gif, arianators, and music video image

Song you wish was a single?

Greedy! It's such a bop! The music video would look so badass, with the money theme!
Also, I think Be Alright deserved more attention as a single.

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Most underrated song you love?

Jason's Song (Gave It Away) or Step On Up! Those two don't get enough attention at all? These two songs make you feel like a bad bitch, especially Jason's Song.

ariana grande image ariana grande and step on up image

---- This is where the original tag ended but i'll add more questions!

Favorite Ariana hairstyle?

I'm LOVING her new blonde/silver hair! So so beautiful! I also miss her cute hairstyles from the Yours Truly era!

ariana grande, ariana, and grande image ariana grande, kiss, and ariana image

Who do you ship Ariana with?

I never really hardcore shipped her with anyone but I thought her relationship with Mac was cute! Like they made a song and video together a few years before they fell in love! That's so cute. It seemed that he really made her happy. And also, they made such good music together! (That's why I kinda liked Sean too) #Maciana

I wonder how Mac feels about the news about Ariana and Pete's engagement... I can't even ship Ari and Pete yet becuase we just found out about all this! But, of course, I'm happy with whoever Ari thinks makes her happy.

Copyrighted image ariana grande, mac miller, and couple image

Favorite Ariana photoshoot?

I love the recent photoshoots so much with British Vogue! Her hair!
I also really like this photoshoot with Billboard.

ariana grande, vogue, and ariana image Image removed beauty, ariana grande, and hair image billboard, photoshoot, and ariana grande image

Have you went to her concert/met her?

I went to her concert 3 times now! I went to the Honeymoon Tour in Tokyo, as well as the DWTour in Tokyo. I also went to another concert she had in Tokyo. I was so close to her that time I almost touched her! I was breathing the same air as her!!!! Sadly, I never met her properly...

Fun Fact: I took this pic the first time I saw her. I posted it on WHI and it blew up!

ariana grande, hair, and grunge image

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