I personally think that one of the most important things about life is being happy. So here are a couple of things that make me happy as well as why they make me happy. I hope this inspires you to find your own happy

1. Photography

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photography is one of the things that everyone can pretty much do or contribute to. Not only can you be in a picture, but you can take them. I love photos because you can capture the things you love about life, and you can capture moments. Also you don't even need a real camera o do this you can just use your phone.

2. Skiing

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So believe it or not I ski raced, not like olympic world cup ski race but like I was in a club. Personally I believe everyone should have some sort of sport or physical activity that they can do and makes them super happy. And for me this is skiing.

3. Exploring the city

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This involves, walking, shopping and finding different things to do around where you live. This is the best especially if you have never explored your city, not only is it fun (especially with friends or family) but you learn more about where you live.

4. Concerts/Music Festivals

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This doesn't necessarily has to be the type of thing you spend a ton of money on. It can also be finding times when performers are performing for free, for example sometimes on "Good morning america" and I know for certain event weeks it happens too. Its just fun and since I love music seeing people like is awesome.

5. Puppies and Kittens/ Dogs and Cats

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I don't even have a pet, but whenever I see my friends cats or dogs or some random person on the street I just...There so cute and amazing. Everyone should love cats and dogs and if your allergic to them you can still awe in their cuteness. Also I'm not a dog or cat person, I am a puppycat or dogkitten person.

6. Listening to music

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Music is just amazing, I mean there is literally a song for every mood its amazing. I pretty much am always listening to music either out loud or using head phones.

7. Super early mornings or super late nights

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If I wake up real early and it is still dark out, or the sun is just rising I love it. Its dark, quiet and it makes me feel so relaxed. Also really late at night if I'm still awake it feels so good, especially if I'm out with friends.

8. Pen and Ink drawing/sketching

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This is probably my favourite medium to use when in art class. Pen and Ink is the best because you can just use a pen and pretty much do it anywhere anytime with no mess. I also just love the way it looks once you're done.


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So i have a coffee addiction, you see I don't just like the caffeine part (that just happens to be one of the perks of drinking coffee), but I LOVE the taste. Also some people eat to live, but I live to eat. Except I despise fruit.