Hey guys! So welcome back to my blogs, today I am going to show you what type of style I want to have / I am trying to have.


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So I really like all black clothes but I am open to grey and white and anything in-between. I am so OBSESSED with these Gucci belts and I would wear them with a white blouse and black trousers. I also love band t-shirts, I would style them with jeans. Recently I've started to really like a dress with a plain (white) t-shirt under it. Since it is summer I would like to start to wear more stripes, I prefer white with blue stripes. I also love off-the-shoulder outfits and floral, off-the-shoulder dresses.

Swimming suits:

fashion, summer, and bikini image girl, summer, and fashion image swimwear, bikini set, and strappy bikini set image Image by ♡ ναℓєитιиα
I am so OBSESSED with strappy bikinis. They are so cute! I even got one from holster recently. It looks like the top left picture's right swimming suit but in the colour of the bikini next to it. I also love off-the-shoulder swimming suits, they look so cute and stylish. Swimming suits with stripes are super cute and I would totally wear them, I even have one! The last picture (bottom right) is super cute but I am not sure if you actually swim in it.


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I love high heels, black and nude are my go to. The ones with the fluffy thing are super cute. I also love 'alpargatas', they are so comfortable. I also like sandals and shoes with big bottoms.


Image by — C. fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, girl, and outfit image
I sort off talked about this on the outfits section. But I really like back, grey, white and everything in-between. I also like white with blue stripes. Off-the-shoulder tops are really cute too. The second picture is super cute, I really love that idea and I would defiantly try it out. The 3rd picture is super cute and I love the colour.


gray, peach, and leggings image Image by abbymasonxox black, jeans, and grunge image Image by Aჳεթδαйðжαηка✓
I love leggings, they are my go to, but I also like loose bottoms and pants with stripes. They are really popular now (I think) and so boho. I also like black ripped jeans with fish nets under them.

That is it! Thank you guys so much for reading this. If this isn't your first time reading my blogs, you know the drill. But if it is; leave a like and share!!!