Hi guys in this article I want to make myself better known by you, so you have a "relationship" that goes beyond the computer.

I'm Elisa, i'm fifteen and i live in italy. (basic things)

1. My body

girl, makeup, and beauty image
brown hair, dark eyes and tanned skin (even in winter)
bikini, summer, and pear shaped image
Pear shaped (i hate my body type)

2. My character

dog, girl, and animal image
I am a sociable, creative and determined girl, I like to try new things, and always give the best of myself, i LOVE animals and nature a lot.

3. Other things

Favourite film and singer:

high school musical, zac efron, and HSM image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image
High School Musical, One Direction

Zodiac Sign:

aesthetic, August, and edit image

Favourite color and animals:

summer, beach, and sea image
dog, animal, and puppy image
dolphin, summer, and animal image
Aquatic animals

That's all, thanks for dedicating me part of your time.