Hi guys today I want to write something about me. I hope you enjoy this article!

1 .My name is Diletta
Diletta is of Latin origin and it means "loved". It is an untranslatable name, in fact it does not exist in other languages and I really like it for this reason.

2. I love fashion and I would like to become a fashion designer.

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3. I love travel.
I love travel around the Europe. My favorite city is Paris, but I have never visit it. I have been many cities in Italy and some abroad, but my favorite, for now, is Vienna.

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4.I attend art school.
I love art! My favorite pinter is Van Gogh, my favorite painting is The Starry Night and my favorite building is the Sagrada Familia.

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5.My favorite colour is lilac

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6. I have been swimming for nine years.
Yeah, there are a lot of years, but now I have stopped it.

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7. I would like to move to New York City.
I love the big cities, especially The Big Apple

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8.I play violin.
I have studied violin in middle school for three years.

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9. My favorite book is Looking for Alaska.
I love Jonh Green and I have read all his books!

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10. I had a horse.
Yeah, I had a beutiful pony. I love him so much and it was a present by my grandparents. I practiced riding for about three years.

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The End
Thank you guys for read all this article. I have written something different about me.
I hope it was not too boring!
Please write me about what you want me to write in the next article.
See you soon,