hello!! okie okie, so i've been having loads of fun creating some decently rounded original characters lately, and now i'm gonna share them with you guys!
oh ALSO: trisha, levi, and natalie are from the same story, while james, carl, and cas are from their own, separate one!! thank u.


Image by spids girl, shadow, and aesthetic image love, quotes, and grunge image Devil and grunge image Image by Leuška Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • an unbothered queen. she's super go-with-the-flow.
  • a main character ((;
  • cares for herself and herself only; she doesn't let anyone get in her way.
  • independent, unfazed, satirical, kind of bitchy, and just wants to pass her college english courses.


dog, reece king, and boy image clothes, vintage, and laundry image aesthetic, header, and layout image lost, aesthetic, and quotes image aesthetic, photography, and pretty image food, cheese, and grilled cheese image
  • the sweetest bitch you'll EVER meet
  • believes in the best for everyone- even complete strangers
  • a stereotypical mary sue....but srsly he's actually fucking perfect
  • intelligent little shit, a sweetheart, introverted yet super easy to talk to. wtf.


maggie lindemann and girl image Image by ø alta et secreta silvarum ø red, shadow, and Devil image girl, black, and hair image dark and girl image hair, grunge, and cut image
  • a smart bitch; beyond perfect grades despite drinkin' with friends every night
  • super classy. everyone's wcw
  • trisha's roommate
  • super ambitious, has a dramatic past probably, is super nice but can be That Bitch when she needs to be.


timothee chalamet and boy image tattoo, sun, and yellow image book, boy, and aesthetic image boy and aesthetic image violin, music, and book image cat, green, and aesthetic image
  • super stressed all of the time. pobrecito.
  • a quiet and reserved dude; finds comfort in reading and writing
  • has a weird connection with the sun for....personal reasons o-o
  • sarcastic, realistic, and makes a good ass grilled cheese. (the best, according to carl).


Image by spids Inspiring Image on We Heart It 90s and aesthetic image cat and photography image Cookies, food, and photography image indie image
  • a HUGE mama's boy!!!!
  • super sporty and athletic- homeboy can never chillax
  • the typical class clown except....not annoying lol. he's genuinely funny n whatnot
  • major insomniac, energetic, super artsy and creative, makin' friends is like breathing to him.


hailee steinfeld image aesthetic, brown hair, and hair image aesthetic and food image grunge, hands, and model image Image removed shadow, friends, and aesthetic image
  • another smart bitchhhh with perfect grades
  • jams out to like the same five songs
  • stress eats CONSTANTLY. (aka stressed 24/7)
  • decently athletic, eats a lot, never sleeps because of homework, lives to outshine her successful older siblings.

and that is it lmao, at least those are the only oc's im somewhat confident enough to put out into the world.

anywho, yeah, i'm currently trying to work on story plots and whatnot so we shall where that goes and if i'll ever post 'em!!

i also kind of want to end this like a super cool author person? so ya. my instagram is @angeliguess and uh....that's about it!! thank u for reading!!

- a. zam