Year: 2016 / Genre: K-Pop, Synthpop, R&B, Electropop

Free Somebody

luna, f(x), and kpop image luna and f(x) image
" I just wanna free somebody / Say what you feel / Tonight you and I are in this moment on this free night / I wanna free somebody "


luna, f(x), and kpop image Image by RaLu ♡ ♫
" Close your eyes / Breathe in Breathe / Open your heart / Breathe in Breathe / Be renewed"

Keep on Doin

Image by hi i like gowon and her 11 lesbian friends :) fx, luna, and f x image
" Just keep going / Now listen to what’s inside / The dreams that rise up / They’re only going to you / Feel yourself, like this / Dance all you want, lightly "

I Wish (Pretty Girl)

luna, f(x), and kpop image f(x) and luna image
" Young child, when I see you / I think I’ll fall for you / You’re just a little different from others / You’re so pretty, you’re a small treasure "


f(x), luna, and kpop image Abusive image
" I wanna know more about that dazzling light / I’m jumping into your galaxy / To a world that you slightly opened only for me / Without hesitation, I’m into your galaxy "

My Medicine

f(x), luna, and kpop image Image by RaLu ♡ ♫
" Oh,my medicine,come inside of me and heal me / Oh, my medicine, if you're inside of me,tell me / No matter what / Anything is good"