Hi! This is my first article, and I've taken one that I found interesting, I hope you like it and you can take inspiration from it.

Here we go!

I maybe would be one of the most ancient stars in the universe and I know it's kind of fantasy but is still a fictional character. My/her little backstory i could be that she's an fallen star who felt in an observatory. So the astronomer who adopted her and put her name, gave her clothes and educated her as him deceased daughter. But even with the characteristics of that she's still basically an alien :P
so, I imagined like this...

Anahis (name given by an astronomer)
Real Age: 13,200 million years or more ...
Age appearance: 19 years old
Birthday: May 10 (day when it was "discovered")


Image by Akira... beautiful and eyes image
Eyes without pupil. Brightness and colors similar to those of a fluorite crystal.


girl, hair, and blonde image aesthetic, art, and blonde image beauty, eyes, and hair image
White and bright skin. It is not possible to touch it since it is the belief that if you touch it you can destroy it. So she's always with a lot of layers of clothes.


Image by Sara ♡ hair, braid, and hairstyle image girl, tumblr, and hair image anime, anime girl, and girl image
"hair" (or rather light trail) of white color, combined with blue, purple and yellow tones or lines. (depending on the light).

Look in human form

bunny, delicate, and mori girl image beauty, delicate, and draw image Image by Maria boy and baby image apples, woman, and dog image
In her human appearance, it usually takes a feminine form that in this case is very thin and delicate or an small child or an old woman. Usually takes a defenseless appearance because it is easier to act in favor of situations by preference.

A bit introverted at the beginning since she has never interacted so much with new things. She always saw the same thing over and over again so it's normal if she dreams a lot and being in the clouds most of the time, but when she is with people and feels she can trust, it starts to laugh a lot and act more calm and relaxed.

beautiful, nature, and beauty image comfort, envy, and idea image quotes image quotes, details, and text image amelie, quotes, and movie image anatomy, introvert, and shy image

Another characteristics:

Image by Tough Doll demisexual and demisexuality image
beach, grey, and header image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black image
Favorite Color: Grey
christmas, coffee, and mocha image
Favorite Food: white chocolat mocha
Image by 💗 girl, book, and ulzzang image
What she likes most: Observe and / or buy new things
lonely, tired, and it sucks image feel image
What she dislikes: being alone for a long time
adventure, polaroid, and Road Trip image camera, instant, and photo image
Always carry with her: An instant camera
girl, sand, and summer image purple, aesthetic, and water image flowers, bath, and summer image Image by Kételen
Her best situation or scenario: Touch the sea or water in general (feeling never experienced)

I hope that you liked this article, I really enjoy it to do it, so I hope i would be the same for all of you and I invite you as well. It was a good imagination exercise :3

Have a good day and thanks for reading!