Hey guys,

Today I am going to be making a list of things you can do when you are bored! Lets see how many I can think of! I did this together with @almupotter

1. Make up a dance
2. Write a story
3. Make up a song
4. Make a board game
5. Draw a picture//learn how to draw
6. Plan your future
7. Learning make up looks
8. watch a movie or tv show
9. build a fort
10. bake something
11. go outside
12. Go swimming
13. Invite over a friend
14. write a blog
15. Do homework//study
16. Learn a gymnastics skill
17. Plan tomorrows outfit
18. Do your hair//learn a new hairstyle
19. Do a DIY
20. Make a sock puppet
21. See how many glasses of water you can drink in 1 minute
22. Build a castle of cards
23. Play a board game
24. Do buzzfeed quizzes
25. Chat with a friend
26. Make an instagram edit
27. Make a collection on weheartit or Pinterest
28. Paint your nails
29. Make your own crossword puzzle
30. Learn to cook something
31. Put on a temporary tattoo
32. Learn a new instrument
33. Learn a new language
34. do chores
35. Make up a play
36. Dress up
37. Play with a sibling
38. Teach your pets a trick
39. Sew a dress
40. Dye your hair with temporary hair dye
41. Video gaming
42. Write a fan fiction
43. read a book
44. Make a model of the solar system
45. Make your own magnet
46. google some news around the world
47. prank your family
48. go out for ice cream or a coffee place
49. go shopping
50. Follow @almupotter and me!