Hey, it's happy. Today we're gonna be talking about 'State Of Mind' Now, a lot of people think that the state of mind isn't really that important until it is threatening them, but the truth is all states of the mind matters equally.

For example, let's say one day you woke up and felt happy. Which is great because starting the day with that mindset is gonna make your day more pleasant. I also suggest you take a few minutes out of your day to think about what made you feel this way. Did something good happen the day before? Did you just found out something good? Or was it just one of those days? After you know what made you feel happy, write it down, remember it, so that the next time you feel down you'll know that good things do happen. Even in the lowest point of your life.

Your view in life plays an important part in your state of mind and I'm not saying that other factors aren't important, but in my opinion I feel like your view in life matters if you want to have a healthy state of mind. I'm not saying that you should trick your mind into thinking that the world is all cupcakes and rainbows, no, I'm simply saying to embrace the negative and positive events in your life because they shaped how you are today.

Remember you control your state of mind. Not you family, not your friends. You and only you. If you choose to see the good in life and in the people around you, you're going to be okay. Like I said earlier, all that matters is how you view life.


I know it's hard to change your view on life. I know this too well. Maybe right now you're battling depression or anxiety. Or maybe even the people you surrounded with. Whatever you're fighting just remember all this can be overcome if you don't lose hope. Try to fight it. Try to live. And if you did try and things did get better you're gonna wake up one day and think " I'm glad I did that." Think positive always because if you're not fixing yourself first, how are you going to fix others?

I wanted to clear things up a bit. I'm not trained in this type of topic and I'm purely using what I've learned in life and also my experience in this sorts of things.

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