5 years of talent, courage, creativity, hope, trials, gratitude, and happiness. 5 years in which these 7 boys have learned to be themselves through music, to be inspiring, role models, idols, but show us what it's like to live in the spotlight through their documentary, Burn The Stage.

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I haven't been an ARMY for long enough, though. They appeared into my life in September 2017 but ever since then I couldn't let them go, I supported them, cried and laughed with them, sang their songs, danced on their lyrics, gave me goosebumps and so on.

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All I can do for now is to thank you for being yourselves, for helping me and many other ARMYs out there in many different ways. Thank you for inspiring me, for showing me that it's so important to love myself, to appreciate and forgive myself. Thank you for existing, for being united into this amazing team!

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I can't really explain how much I love you and how grateful I am for having been introduced to you, your music and your unmeasurable talent. All I can wish for you all is to be healthy, happy, to get over any trial, to be together for as long as you can, to be loved in all ways possible! Remember - ARMYs love BTS! FOREVER!


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forever, we are young