so i was camping recently, and i thought let's be edgy and sit under the stars and think about life. here's what i've concluded.

life's a test, a pop quiz even, if you will.

i say it's a test because of this. here we are. planet earth. just this big ass ball circling around in this solar system. we were put here. now you live life. be a kid! then your teenage years come around. popularity for some is everything. school tends to start getting impotant. off to college! adulthood. get a job. find love. get married. yadda yadda ya. you get it. you lived life.

but what about your mistakes? maybe you drank while underage, did something you shouldn't have done. i call this part of this, "violating life's rules."

you come to being an old person. life's almost over. but your mistakes will come back to you, and you get a redo of life, and you repeat life until you pass the test.

the test of life.

you pass life's test when you make zero mistakes, then you're off to heaven. any thoughts?