I am bored and in the mood of doing this so... yeah, let's go?

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favorite male character

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Stiles, you know call me basic or whatever but he is the best.

favorite female character

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always, Lydia Martin.
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Malia Tate.

least favorite character

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Gerard Argent, nobody likes him
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Tracy Stewart, idk i just didn't like her

favorite ship

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stydia,i love them so much.
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Chrissa, i feel that i am the only person that likes them but i feel weird thinking about this ship because Allison.

ship you like but didn't happen

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favorite season

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season 3.
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season 5.

if you could bring back a character, who would it be?

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Allison, definitely Allison.
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Isaac Lahey.

saddest death/departure

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Allison Argent.
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Paige, i cried so bad with this scene.

favorite villain

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Void Stiles!
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the one and only Peter Hale

favorite parent

teen wolf, chris argent, and papa argent image black and white, hunter, and teen wolf image
Chris Argent, he loved so much Allison

favorite friendship

gif, teen wolf, and scott mccall image teen wolf, tyler posey, and stiles stilinski image Image by 𝓐𝓷𝔂 teen wolf, stiles, and black and white image
always and forever, sciles

favorite supernatural creature

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I'm new at this so probably it's shitty but I hope you like it.