my heart wants to give her another chance.
but she took the one person I loved right out of the palm of my hand
on purpose.
and she didnt even want him.
she did it to hurt me.
what makes me the saddest is thinking of her going to bed every night
sending him pictures
the ones I would never take.
trying things with him
the things I would never try.
I told that girl everything,
she knew how much I cared.
why did she hurt me?
how come she can be happy with the boy I love?
she doesn't love him.
hes a rebound.
she blames me,
as if im the reason we don't talk
as if I did something to her.
but she did something I would never do to anyone
never in a million years
not even to her.
its awful,
how much trust I put into that friendship,
for it to all go away
so quickly
so dramatically
it didn't have to be this way.
you chose this.