Here are some of the things I want to do at certain places before I die. This are just a few and I would definitely add more on this list.

new york, new year, and nyc image new york, times square, and nyc image 2005, dial, and folk image new york, broadway, and city image
Watch the ball drop in New York Times Square
travel, city, and italy image gelato, ice cream, and italy image Image by anette.ayala travel, venice, and italy image
Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy
london, city, and travel image london, london eye, and uk image pink, tree, and flowers image travel, london, and plane image
Ride London Eye
sky, stars, and night image mountains, sky, and stars image photography, sky, and nature image stars, sky, and night image
See the Northern Lights
light, lantern, and sky image light, night, and sky image light image light, night, and sky image
Release a Sky Lantern
pink, flowers, and tree image japan, pink, and flowers image japan, sakura, and pink image japan image
Experience Cherry Blossom in Japan
beach, ocean, and summer image summer, beach, and Maldives image Mature image summer, ocean, and paradise image
Vacation in Maldives
luxury, yacht, and boat image summer, fun, and water image CRUISESHIP, fitness, and msc image luxury, yacht, and sea image
Mediterranean Cruise
beautiful, explore, and hdr image Image removed grass, green, and mountain image angle, interesting, and ray image
Climb Snowdonia
paris, france, and eiffel tower image paris, place, and sky image paris, travel, and pink image paris, light, and eiffel tower image
Visit the City of Love
Dubai, beach, and summer image atlantis, Dubai, and palm jumeirah image fireworks, photography, and Dubai image palm - jumeirah - dubai image
Staycation at Pam Jumeirah