2018 comes and I already had new plans of my next two books. I decided to write these books in exactly a year. It is only two books and I am busy with them right now. I plan to finish them around December or maybe November, it all depends really. Anyways, I am quite proud with the way these are books are coming up about. Beginning distance studying via University was a big change from me and that meant thinking and coming up with these books was another thing. But I later learned that it is actually important to not write too many books at once.

Last year I wrote about six or eight books in just a span of eight months. BUT I wasn't writing 1000 words and not everyday. I wrote up to 800 as a maximum, plus I wrote every day except for some weekends I skipped for resting. The other thing was I was not in university.

So this year, I developed a whole new strategy of actually writing up to 1400 words. My forty to fifty chapters my two books would range between 70,000 words in total!!

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Again, I began my research, with all the confidence in writing more than 1000 words was quite a big step. I got my boost from reading other books with at least 1000 or 2000 words. I remember scrolling down their wattpad books just to see how long is the bar. I wanted something like that. I also had to improve my words. Bombastic words here I come!

I think I was becoming more clever with my strategy with writing. I plan to publish these two books once I am done, perhaps next year or the other year. The book titles are Creating The Silence and A Pioneers love which I will be discussing next.

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