It is currently June 11 and this is what I am listening to bunches at the moment. Please dont judge me, I cant help that i was born this way.
(Still dont know how to add pics yeehaw)

Perfectly Wrong by Shawn Mendes
- it is so soft and you will see that a few of these are just soft and catchy

Electric by Alina Baraz, Khalid
- again soft and nice and i just imagine having a lover while i listen to this

lovely by Billie Eilish, Khalid
- okay last softy but billie, if ya didnt know, has a bomb as voice and khalid, if ya didnt know, is so vibey so its a bop

Genius by Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth
-WOa its like musically/operay but not because no description i could give it is giving it justice. its a different kind of sound

Cherry Blossom by Horrorshow
- the only reason i fund this song is from some insta story i saw and it sounds weird at first but then the music starts and im like dancin up a mf storm (that beat drop is so good)

Body Count by Jessie Reyez
- jessie is a bomb ass bitch she seriously is crazy talented and she is a great lyricist if you will lmao. the song is so good and just showing a great point (her genius interview explaining it also is great)

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (Cover) by Alessia Cara
- i wont lie to you, i have not heard the original to this song by elton john, but this cover is so great cause her voice is so bomb and then the music with it.. so good

From the Dining Table by Harry Styles
- it is very mellow and i did not obsess over it at first but listening to it more and singing the lyrics makes me a lil emotional because i relate to the message of being left behind while the other person goes on and prospers and im just there like hey i still like ya still

Apricot Princess by Rex Orange County
- very light and catchy it reminds me of my best friend (not because im in love with her) but like if you listen to it you could just tell what i mean and if you dont get it im sorry but you may never know because words are sometimes hard for me to put together especially at 11 pm

-Make It To Me by Sam Smith !!!!
-Stupid For You by Waterparks
-Back Of My Mind by Trippie Redd
-4u by blackbear !!!!!
-Sit Next To Me by Foster the People
-Seeing Bling by Niall Horan
-sex by EDEN
-Heebiejeebies by Amine, Kehlani !!!!!!!

Disclaimer: I am not like a crazy fan girl cause that isnt my scene (but i respect it no hate).

Like the weirdo I am, I have spent the past few days listening to One Direction so here are some honorable mentions that I seriously recommend because they get such a bad wrap and i didnt listen much before these songs:\

If I Could Fly by One Direction
- its a sad one but it is a "in my feels" vibe but i think the lyrics are great and it can be a crying song if thats how youre feeling

Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction
- my favorite song ever and its more of a viber bro

Temporary Fix by One Direction
- this a kinda more pop rock compared to more of other things they have and trust me i use that very lightly because it is not rock at all i get that. okay but harry at 2:13-2:20 is so him and how he is in KIWI which is also a good song and like hardcore compared to this stuff

What A Feeling by One Direction
- this is also a viber wow are we surprised but seriously people look past a lot of good music because the artists are certain people (i mean unless they are like actually bad people then there isnt anything wrong with doing that)

Okay pals, thats all i got for right now. C ya later