I was thinking the other day girls are held to really high standards I mean think about when we do not have the body or the hair other people don't like we are ignored and bullied. Popular girls and Popular guys are like "god" in school. I think that girls need to just be accepted as they are I mean it is point less to bully someone if they don't look how you want them too. Girls go through so much more than guys do but don't get me wrong i know we all go through so much in life not just girls but everyone. Self harming I need to talk about for a quick second We all have scars and bruises from our past but to have to feel like you can not show them is behind me I mean I get it maybe you don't want to show them but some people are ok with it. Fashion is other really big problem I mean what is up with crop tops and shorts where you can see people ass like some of us have problems with that and that is all people make/wear anymore. Guys fashion is straight forward shorts and t-shirt or jeans no crop tops or showing ass shorts. Thanks for reading :)