Sometime just "I" or by her last name, Mackenzie.

- P H Y S I C A L / A P P E R A N C E -

hair, girl, and beauty image eyes, eyebrows, and eye image body, motivation, and fitness image Abusive image
-dark brown hair, blue&green eyes that once you see them, you can't never forget them. pretty short and workout for her body. Have some tattoos.-

- S T Y L E -

Image removed black, fashion, and style image cool, girl, and fishnet leggings image vans, shoes, and black image
-she lives in her south side jacket. she often wears black or dark colors and always wear black&white vans-

- P E R S O N A L I T Y -

quotes, badass, and tumblr image quotes, inspiration, and life image quotes, love, and words image Abusive image quotes, hell, and why image quotes, courage, and fear image
-badass, kind, big heart, wild, loyal, determination, broken inside, have courage but never say that she is scared-

- F R I E N D S -

serpents, riverdale, and south side image gif, riverdale, and vanessa morgan image riverdale, cole sprouse, and betty cooper image
-her squad is the serpents (dah.), best friend with Toni since they were 4 years old. she is actually friend w/ everybody.-

- E N E M Y -

shows, penny peabody, and riverdale image
- penny peabody -

- L O V E R -

Image removed actor, funny face, and gif image couple, love, and kiss image Image by Pina
-sweet pea and her would probably be in a relationship together, because they complete each other like a puzzle. -

- S T O R Y -
Ivy was raised at South Side by her lovely family with her twin brother, Ivan. Her and her brother were both on the Serpents and were happy. Till one day, her brother died in car accident. A car accident that Penny was include in it, she was responsible for the death of Ivan, but never got consequences. Till this day, Ivy family's is not the same. Her father drink alcohol without stopping, and her mother is always busy with her work. She was lost and broken. But Sweet Pea was with her and help her with her pain and Ivy love him for that, and Sweet Pea was feeling the same way.