Love is a wonderful statement... It's bright and beautiful...
But it's also horrible and pathetic..

Love is different for others, for some people, it's like a piano. you play a few notes then give up. And sometimes it's like a carton of milk.. it has an expiration date.

Love is like walking back into a forest... you run and get lost in it, and then you find your way back to the start.

Love is like a precious item.. You take care of the oh so precious item, and then one day you can't find it anywhere.. And realize you have lost it..

Love is like a cigarette... It burn's, it's addictive, but it doesn't last long...

I know that was really random but I'm still gonna post it lol.

I really hope you guys like it.

maybe I'll do more.


Till then.

Bye bye xo

(P.S these I did write these myself.)