• I worry about not getting a summer job
  • I worry about my parent's health
  • I worry about my boyfriend's mental state
  • I worry about the day my dog gets sick and never recovers from then
  • I worry about how strangers see me
  • I worry that I won't be able to achieve my dreams
  • I worry about my long-term relationship going stale
  • I worry about my life being disrupted in any undesirable way
  • I worry about Joan and Elizabeth
  • I worry I won't be able to complete this reading goals for this year
  • I worry about struggling my entire life
  • I worry about the next surprise panic attack
  • I worry about my little sister a lot
  • I worry about state of my country; socially, politically and economically
  • I worry about finding out I can't have children
  • I worry about dying
  • I worry about that I'll never change as a person

As you can see, I am a huge worrywart. And sucks the most is that I'm so used to bottling my anxieties inside that I have a difficult time expressing them to my loved ones. Yet, I encourage others to be open with me and tell me their problems. Hypocritical, I know. I really want to work on that issue, and I also want to work on erasing at least half of these worries. Because I'm in charge of my own happiness; it's only up to me if I want to continue being miserable and paralyzed by fear.

Thanks for reading this.

Like it or not,
Midge <3