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If I was a color, I would be Blue

summer, beach, and sea image blue, paris, and city image

If I was a city, I would be São Paulo in Brazil

brazil, sao paulo, and iphoneography image brazil, skyline, and SAO image

If I was a element, I would be water

flowers, summer, and ocean image beach, sea, and ocean image

If I was a animal, I would be a dolphin. Intelligent and agile

Image by hyoju9936 Image by Arina Smile

If I was a country, I would be Bora Bora (it's an island in French Polynesia, but I chose it because I love it)

bora bora, love, and islands image summer, blue, and sea image

If I was a drink, I would be wine

blue, cup, and I Love You image drink, wine, and nails image

If I was a fruit, I would be grape

fruit, grapes, and photography image Image removed

If I was a feeling, I would be bravery/ perseverance

wallpaper, brave, and purple image give up, never give up, and perseverance image

Fictional character
If I was a fictional character, I would be Louisa Clark from the movie Me before you

emilia clarke, me before you, and louisa clark image emilia clarke, me before you, and louisa clark image

If I was a flower, I would be a rose

aesthetic, alternative, and nature image rose image

Natural phenomenon
If I was a natural phenomenon, I would be a electrical storm

gif image amazing, electricity, and clouds image

If I was a planet, I would be Jupiter

jupiter image jupiter and planets image

If I was a movie, I would be Zootopia

gif image disney and zootopia image

If I was a book, I would be The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

the spectacular now image Shailene Woodley, sutter, and miles teller image

If I was a season, I would be spring

flowers, white flowers, and green image Image by Akira...

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