hello lovies, i have been updating my summer bucket list for about a week now & decided i should stop while im ahead because it has gotten pretty long.. enjoy! ♥

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what a cute doggo

stay up for 24 hours

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hopefully, i will be able to achieve this with a friend but if not... i feel this would be useful in an attempt to get my sleep schedule back to normal. for example staying up from 9pm to 9pm the next day

experience a sunrise and sunset

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going along with my last goal, i hope to go on a mountain or hill and watch the sun disappear and reappear.

get summer reading completed by july 1st

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school has just officially ended for me and my summer reading is to pick a speech about a topic and annotate it.. pretty easy. i dont want to worry about it all summer and just get it out of the way.

read six or more books

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contrary to most people, i personally love to read and set a goal for myself to read at least six books by the end of the summer.

watch or re-watch an entire netflix series

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as much as i want to be out doors this summer, i'd like to watch a whole series on netflix. it will most likely be "the end of the fucking world".

see my friends at least five times

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this may seem odd, but during the summer i tend to seclude myself and forget about making plans until the school year starts again.

keep my room cleaned and organized

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i struggle tremendously with keeping my room even remotely clean. this summer i have set a goal to make it a habit by keeping it clean 24/7.

start working out

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i am personally fine with my body image, but i feel working out can help me feel better physically and mentally, even if it is as small as running a mile every other day

learn to braid my own hair

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i always have loved how i look in braids but i never could do them myself. this summer i want to perfect my dutch and french braiding.

clear my skin

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i sadly suffer from face, chest and back acne. recently i went to the dermatologist and have gotten antibiotics and a cream. i have to keep up with it and hopefully will have everything cleared up by the end of summer.

take pictures of everything

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this summer i want to get a polaroid camera and take pictures of everything i do

make more youtube videos

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im starting a makeup channel and really want to be very active with it

learn how to cook

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cooking has always been something i have wanted to learn

tie-dye a shirt

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very simple, but very fun

get a tan

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this is pretty basic, but a must!

get a sun tattoo

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these are so cute and simple.

go to a fair

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i know already that i am doing this sometime this summer but still thought it should be on the list.

have a spa day

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i want to have a day dedicated to myself. to get my nails done, get a massage, etc and then come home to a bubble bath with my favorite candles.

eat healthier

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=search <- i dont know why this is here and cant seem to find a way to get rid of it.. my father and i are working on our diets. i want to completely cut off soda and fast food.

sleep in a tent

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my friend and i have already planned to have a sleep over in a tent while watching horror movies all night!

dye my hair

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i really would like to change my hair up, i have never dyed it.. i believe i am going to try bayalage.

go night swimming

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i often go camping and would love to night swim in the river!

catch fireflies

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and ofcourse let them go.


Image by alondritarumi
i recently got watercolor supplies and would love to learn how.

build a blanket fort

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a huge one!

go to the library and leave a note in your favorite book

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i believe i saw this in a movie and thought it would be a very cute idea

practive tennis two or three times a week

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i just started playing tennis this year and i want to get good at it before the fall girls season comes

have a sleep schedule

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obviously there will be some exceptions, but i want to have a solid sleep schedule

get a piercing

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whether its a new one or re-piercing my old ones, i want it!

start on we♥it

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check! this is my first ever article, but i hope to write an article once or twice a week

i hope you enjoyed this very long bucket list and got some ideas for your own! at the end of the summer, i will be sure to do a summer re-cap and let you all know what i completed.. see you soon! ♥