6 years ago when we were both 12 we began to be friends , we finish being bff and now it all broke.
We promised each other that our friendship will never end , that we will be friends for ever , that no one will change us or will be in the place of the other. I always put you first when they ask me who is youre bff guy I always said that it was you but you never put me like that you change me for people who you had knew for 2 months that really hurt me.I defended you when one of my bff girl told me " Don't talk to him because I don't like him" and you never knew what I told her " You can tell me not to talk to my sister but you can never never tell me that I can't talk to him" she made me cry many times and you were never there .When you wanted me I was there for you but you were never there for me.
Sorry my old friend but I even now if you were my friend and a good influence ,Now I can say bye!