It's another article. It's second to last on my Graphic Design Series.

So where was I? Oh, I was discussing about my Graphic Design skills.

Once in a while I have to take time off in doing my favorite things to do like
reading and writing books on Wattpad, playing games, downloading new apps. I have to give some things off for a while. They often say Absence Makes A Heart Grow Fonder so it basically sums up the mood of not reading my favorite books.

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I have to often stay up late to try and meet the demands of clients and my overall achievement in designing, but it's all part of the plan. I have been really scared opening up to people because I've lost trust for certainties but when it comes to Graphic Design work I put trust issues aside and do what is right.

Happiness of Designing:

1. I get to learn new things- having a wider knowledge is the best.

2. I get to travel and see new places- when designing you should go to new places and see the cultural differences and design or blog about that.

3. I get to meet new people- people can be funny , disappointing and weird at times but hey we all learning right?

4.I get to be in a different dimension of the world- I can be observant if I want to.

5.I get to see the brightness and dull times of this world

6. I get to grow close to color - I know a lot more colors than you do. It's a fact.

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A list of colors you probably don't know:
Alice Blue
Alabaster blue
CG red

These colors are hidden and as a Designer they need to be on my list. And they are in my list, so when a client asks for a certain color I know what it looks like.

When it comes to color I love to mix old colors with new colors it makes the style and trend pop. Color looks good when the opposite attracts.

I randomly select books about Graphic Design on Google Play Books or Kindle. I love those reading sites. Hey, why don't you guys check out Inkitt and Sweek too. They're writing and reading apps.

That's it for now. Till Next time...